Adventures with Lulu Dog & The Writing Life

I’z smell lighter days in the air — inaugural (2020) hike up Two Pines today #Hike #Homegirl #TinyWolf #Chi ...

Matching camel pyjamas, naturally
#SundayVibes @bedheadpajamas

May 22: Rain-swollen river, high stream flow advisory, new moon & sunnier skies on the horizon #NewMoon #RiverLife ————————————————————————
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Harnessed our inner Tulum with @dawnbayersyoga @yogasantosha — I look forward to her restorative yoga class every Thurs 💙 ...

Lulu PSA: Happy #NationalRescueDogDay + warm shout out to everyone helping the shelters & strays (in any way they can) — saving lives, here in Canada & across the world 🌎 👏


A very Canadian moment #Canada #Fire #MayLong ...

How is it already 10p again? These days feel like one blurring into the next — & here we are at two months (+ a day) of physical & social distancing. Isolation & quarantine. I’m grateful for my colleagues @writersguildab and for the focus that writing (even a small amount) offers me during this strange time. ...

Sometimes this is what writing looks like #Miss #Swimming #Oceans ...

So — on the heels of posting (somewhat uncharacteristically) about swimming last week — my friend @deborah.m.willis sent me a profound essay WHAT I MISS MOST IS SWIMMING by @bonnietsui8 (New York Times, April 10) — and last night author @angie.abdou surprised me by featuring my swimming-inspired novel Sage Island on her weekly vlog #WhereIReadIt (Vlog #7) So honoured — thank you Angie!
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Every day is Earth Day
#EarthDay 📸 Tulum, January 2020

All I can think about lately is swimming. I thought I lost my flame for the sport about a decade ago, and this is not the best clip, but the first thing I want to do when things (hopefully) normalize is drive to Vancouver & swim an open water race (or just swim in the ocean). No training, whatever. What will Lulu do? Lifeguard! ...

Kay, so yesterday was hard. The snowstorm, the isolation, recalcitrant headache & pressure to be productive & creative in spite of everything. But today is a new day—and these are the back stairs. ...

Sun Dogs, Rising (For Lulu)

Our lives converge, a slide of tectonic plates,
five days after a full moon. Snowflakes the size of dandelion clocks
melt against the windshield on my way to meet you.
Your introduction to the north of this planet is biting.

You: tiny black wolf.
Six pounds of sleek, obsidian distress—
a chunk missing from the cupped leaf of your ear.
You wail, and I fear your delicate trachea will rupture.

You tremble until your muscles collapse, exhausted.
What, you stare outside, are these wafers of burning cold?
We sit on a couch for hours, until—at last—you paw your way over,
tail planted firmly between legs, a trench of questions:

Where is my sun? You howl with your eyes.
Where is my sun? Where is my sun? Where is my sun?

Under a starless sky, waning gibbous obscured by cloud, we drive.
Tufts of icy cotton persist against the window glass.
Your coat ripples like ink under streetlights;
your age is approximate, but the moon is 18.34 days old.

Between the pads of each paw, rusty earth of your desert hills.
You quiver around the apartment—sniff oak, iron, granite.
Candlewick eyes alight with fire, you howl again:
Where is my sun?

In the bed, you soften against my chest, push vertebrae against ribs.
Chihuahua. Chi. Life force. Air.
We breathe in tandem. Thud of heartbeat, drift of bloodstream,
your pulse steady, aching under my palm.

What is your story? I howl with my bones.
What is your story? What is your story? What is your story?
We don’t yet know the seismic proportions of sun we will share.

Together, we dream of the home within, of continental drift;
oceanic dusk, expansion and contraction, flow and hope.
You draw closer, a love in silky armour,
nestling for hot spots.

Feature poem in current edition of @dog.eyes.magazine ♥️
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April 11: Wrote a poem. Sighed a lot. Talked to a good friend. Zoomed with my baby niece. Found some sun tonight even though it’s still pretty cold here @ -6. Also it’s #InternationalPetDay ...

April 7/20. Poetry Challenge Day 6. Supermoon. Pink Moon. Sideways blowing snow. World Health Day. I was going to share a poem here (and will soon) — but decided to simply say that I’m thinking of you out there — all of you, across the country & across the world — all of us under the same big moon tonight
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Temperature: zero. Sun is out 🙌Taking the homegirl for a ‘walk’ @thesnuggitsac #Breather ...

Yesterday was the first day of Canada’s 22nd annual Poetry Month. All things considered it seems like a good time for a poetry challenge. I hereby commit to writing a poem a day for the entire month of April. I’ll post some of them. Maybe all of them. We’ll see. I will also read 8 collections of poetry this month and post about those too. Will anyone join me on this challenge?

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Isolation day #21 and we’re all missing our usual hangs. For livestream yoga, barre & strength classes, big thanks to @yogasantosha @yogaandbeyondyyc @themethodyyc @calgarypilates for keeping us moving (and sane)

#Quarantine #FlattenTheCurve #StopTheSpread #Global #Solidarity #Yoga #Move #Grateful

Been reconciling weather-envy when I see snaps of the lush greenery, old-growth forests & spring flowers popping up in BC. I always miss Vancouver in the spring—especially when the cherry trees bloom 🌸 Was pretty grateful to get outside with Lu for two hours in the sun today: no wind or sideways-blowing snow, above zero, clear sidewalks & a few earthy paths to explore
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