Adventures with Lulu Dog & The Writing Life

New moon solar eclipse in a few hours — the end of an 18 month cycle I gather — & my latest @blindmanbrewery micro story has launched!

On the back of this tall can is a short piece called AND SO WE ADAPT — it’s about displacement, winter lockdown, Lulu and resilience.

Thank you to the team that continues to bring flash literature into less expected places 🙌

I look forward to reading all 15 selected stories / poems + to hearing each writer speak to & read their piece on CKUA Radio on Fridays @ 545

Thank you to literary-beverage enthusiast Spencer at @britanniawine for stocking up on this product. Friends, go there!

Thank you

— and to all the shops & restaurants that are supporting & ordering this amazing, perfect-for-winter 4.1% microbrew!

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“In this universe we are given two gifts: the ability to love, and the ability to ask questions. Which are, at the same time, the fires that warm us and the fires that scorch us.”

— Mary Oliver, Upstream: Selected Essays

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Full disclosure — this is a saturated, sharpened + filtered view of the lunar eclipse this morning @ 2:01 MST after Lulu uncharacteristically insisted I take her outside. I stood beside a pile of construction garbage in boxer shorts, slippers and looked up 😍 ...

Can’t believe I missed this again! Living vicariously through photos by @trinariannemoyles 💚 ...

This is not an accurate representation of what the past few months have ‘looked like.’

I don’t have photos of the anxiety spirals, physical or mental pain and mercury retrograde-style setbacks.

Thanks to Stephanie Nosco and her Yin + Meditation training last weekend, I seem to be finding my flow again—in movement and in words.

This past week brought a significant + disappointing surprise. The details don’t matter here and my intention is not to be ominous (we are all okay).

After recovering from the initial awe of the situation, a truth settled over me like water: that life is so much easier when we’re not attached to outcomes.

The acceptance + peace that came with this seemingly simple piece of wisdom has remained.

I’m posting this for myself as much as for anyone reading — to remind myself to show up. Because we need to show up for ourselves with kindness in order to show up for others with kindness. And kindness is everything.

Sending 🤍✨ to anyone here who’s been attempting to climb out of any sort of uncomfortable rabbit hole this year. It’s not an easy time. Being human can be hard.

Keep going.

#perseverance #compassion

Rare & dreamy fog rolled into the hills this afternoon…

“We love fog because it shifts old anomalies into the elements surrounding them. It gives relief from a way of seeing.” — Eavan Boland

Full moon insomnia last night —anyone else?? I’d forgotten the moon was swelling to max illumination while my mind raced and nothing would settled it. Lulu tried to help by pressing her little body against my chest, her soft head rested on my bicep, velvet ear against one cheek. Precious little sage.

This photo, similar to a couple of others I’ve posted here was taken at the last art exhibit I attended right before the pandemic — Museum of the Moon, an international touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram.


“The cure for pain is in the pain,” Rumi wrote hundreds of years ago. Adding to this wisdom — hot water, poetry + small magical dogs 🧡 ...

Don’t stop be-leafing 🍂

This caption’s for you @kylhecool ;)

Last day of summer watering hole ...

I’ll be reading my literary beer can story on CKUA radio tonight at 545 MDT — or listen online anytime at

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This week's #SessionStory comes from #Kananaskis Country-based writer Samantha Warwick @sam_and_lulu_

Her short story "Swimming the Bow River" was inspired by the time she plunged into, and rode nearly eight kilometres of the current last summer.

Tune in to #TrafficJams, Sept 10th at 5:45pm MT to hear the story, then visit to hear all episodes of season one, and two! ⬆️

For the latest in craft beer from central Alberta, follow Blindman at @blindmanbrewery

Order your Super Sessions 4-pack, delivered straight to your door at! Collect them all!

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<<sound on>>

This little video makes me so happy. The story:

I’ve only been into the city about a dozen times since the mid-December lockdown (long story)—but every time I go into Calgary I stop at Shelf Life Books. Not only to pick up my latest selection of titles, but because @shelflifebooks has been a refuge to quietly hang with Lulu for years. In the before times we co-hosted dozens of literary events here (Lu poised on the podium or in the front row while I interviewed or introduced authors). A natural host!

Early evening on Friday, August 20 I was avoiding a ‘thing’. The temperature had dropped to about 10 degrees, and I was in a mood about the cold (in spite of the fact that yes, we were all happy about the rain that week).

I decided to ditch the ‘thing’ I didn’t have the energy for and go to Shelf Life instead. Lulu was immediately cheered to see Gigi, the resident Pomeranian, and I was cheered to see Jun, Ariel and Igor. I love all the staff there.

By chance, there happened to be a videographer recording footage for a special video for the store — Thaïs @nomad_videographer_project was making her way across Canada creating a series of breathtaking videos to help promote local artists, artisans and small businesses.

As soon as I arrived, the team asked if they could record some footage of me (my legs and feet) with Lulu at my side wandering the aisles to showcase the dog friendliness of the shop. Of course I agreed. This is a very special place for both of us. What I didn’t know is that I would eventually be able to keep and share this short video of unedited footage from the shoot I stumbled into, with music! So grateful to have these moments captured.

There is a stunning video featuring Shelf Life Books coming soon & I will share that one too when it’s posted.

🎥 = Thaïs Despont @nomad_videographer_project — Thank you so much 🙏


new moon, nature therapy, namaste ...

happy national dog days of more summer please


blue moon, backstairs ...

“The dark, sinister smoke that cancelled out the sun, moon, clouds, and sky signalled a warning to everyone: welcome to the Pyrocene, the Age of Wildfire.”

From LOOKOUT — Love, Solitude, and Searching for Wildfire in the Boreal Forest by Trina Moyles @womenwhodig

This photo was taken mid-August from a high point in Rocky View County as the wind began to usher in a thick dome of smoke and yellow light that would — within hours — cancel out the sun, moon, cloud and bring our air quality index to severly high risk (again)


Pebble hangs with the best ...

morning ☀️ ...